The Touched By A Brush Art Studio



The Eastern Capes Best kept Secret

The best kept secret and very, unique artistic jewel in the crown of the Eastern Cape is the Touched By A Brush Artist Timothy Wood, a dyslexic and partially disabled by hereditary arthritis. Timothy has managed to turn his home into a self-sustaining art studio, where a vast number of original oil paintings are created, the studio hosts a daily art expo weather permitting of the artist’s work.

The Studio located Just 1 kilometre from the Port Elizabeth Airport is the home of a Renaissance man.

The artwork is breath taking, vibrant and awe-inspiring, with inspired passion oozing from every inch of canvas


The reason for the Touched By A studio.

The studio was brought into being in the middle of 2017 following on from the artist’s grandson Joshua who at the age of 3 years old in the beginning of 2017 discovered the beauty of the setting sun over the roofs Donkin Hospital. The small boy who had already begun drawing on the bedroom walls inside the home, grew so excited by the awesome sunset that he informed the whole neighbourhood that “It is orange” almost in the same way William Turner the famous English navel artist described sunlight.
In turn Timothy who had given up his artistic endeavours in 1998 at the request of his future father in-law, to clear the way for Timothy to marry the old man’s only daughter.
Thus, ironically the great grandson of the man that stopped Timothy from following his dream reignited the flame of passion and inspiration for the very moving and beautiful art we see today.

The Paint:

All the paint used by the artist a produced from scratch and from recycled materials.
This in no way implies that the paint is inferior, in fact the oil paint is closer to the original 16th & 17th century old masters than many commercial products, further the paint has been crafted with particular detail to the ancient true and tried methods of the old masters. The only modern item added are the tints which when used with the handmade oil paint are part of paintings of great and tranquil colour that are capable to carry the motion within a particular painting.
Production of oil paint and the recipe dating back to the time of the old masters in the 17th century.
Because we use methods use in producing the ground a warm brown of various hues dating from the baroque period give our impressionist style and abstract works a world class exquisiteness that these art works are highly sort after.

The methods we use in our canvas stretching:

The methods we use in our canvas stretching are the same as methods used by the artist are the same as the practices of the Old Masters of the 16th & 17th century

Our Studio like the old masters studios’ is one where young artists are trained in all areas of art production from a very early age.
This together with the concept of actively using modern and social media to market and advertise our artist’s works is a happy marriage of styles and techniques that allow our young artists to overcome the traditional challenges that artists have had to face for centuries.

Self Esteem,
Value of the artistic process.
Each of our young artists is challenged to dare and because they, dare they exceed beyond all expectation.
Our artists push the boundaries because they have talent.
Further equipping the young artists allows them to have much longer artistic careers and thus stand a much greater chance of succeeding financially as artists.

Touched by a Brush Art Studio 9 Clover Crescent, Forest Hill ,
Port Elizabeth South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0) 76 592 6770 WhatsAap +27 (0) 84 996 5316
Reproduction  after William Turner
Brenda -A Rose by any other name
Eastern Cape Frontier farm 1820

Beautiful Venetian day
Brenda -A Rose by any other name
Eastern Cape Frontier farm 1820
Beautiful Venetian day